Formworks Plastics wants to make your purchase of the NSN 1680-01-065-6644 Ejection Seat Survival Kit as easy as possible. We have prepared a list of the most commonly questions and provided the basic answers below.

If you are in need of more in-depth questions kindly contact the Program manager via the telephone number provided on this site 714-637-5670 or via the contact form. nical InforContact Us Form.




1) What’s included in the kit?

(a) CNU-129/P Survival Kit Container Assembly includes the Rucksack, Lanyard, Deployment Bags (2), Standard Seat Cushion, Parachute Balancer, Life Raft Retainer and Tiedown Strap Assemblies.  The Survival Kit Container conforms to the latest configuration of drawing number 025-750000-5.


2) How do prices compare with other manufacturers?

(a) Formworks Plastics is the sole manufacturer of these Survival Kits. Prices are determined based upon the quantity purchased and the delivery required. Please email us at:, by phone at: (714) 637-5670, or feel free to use the Contact Us Form.

equest for Quotation

3) Where is the kit shipped from?

F.O.B. Orange, CA, U.S.A


4) Where is the kit manufactured?

Orange, CA, U.S.A.


5) Is the kit certified?

Yes. A Certificate of Compliance / Conformance is issued at the time of shipment. Each kit conforms to the specifications of NSN 1680-01-065-6644 and Drawing Number 025-750000-5.


6) How is the kit tested?

Each complete Survival Kit Container is tested in Conformance with Formworks Plastics Test Plan outlined in Test Data Sheet CNU-129/P. The kits are individually tested using a Test Stand which was built in accordance with the specifications of MIL-S-83427. The tests consist of: Product Examination, Parachute Descent Tests (which include Unlocking Force Tests, repeated five times and an Opening Force Test which is repeated five times) Emergency Ground Egress Tests (which includes an Unlocking Force Test, repeated ten times and Opening Force Test also repeated ten times). The Upper Disconnect Extraction Force Test, determines the force necessary to actuate the parachute deployment sensing cable. A Firing Pin Penetration Test simulates firing the piston actuator (cartridge). The depth of penetration of the firing pin is measured. The depth of penetration must measure .035” ± .005” A copy of the Test Data Sheet is included with the shipment of each kit.

Test Stand

7) What is the lead time?

Lead times vary depending on the production
status at Formworks Plastics at the time of order. When Formworks replies to a customer’s Request For Quotation, the estimated delivery date will be stated.


8) How do I request a quote?

Call (714) 637-5670, email or complete the Contact Us Form.tation


9) Does Formworks Plastics provide a component sourcing service?

Formworks Plastics, Inc. will be pleased to quote prices and delivery of spares components which we manufacture.


10) How long after an order is placed are kits delivered?

As stated in item (7), lead times vary depending upon the production status at the time an order is placed. We will provide an estimated time of delivery.

quest for Quotation.

11) Does Formworks help with paperwork?


Yes. Formworks will be glad to assist with the completion of paperwork required to complete an order and delivery. This would be handled on an individual basis.


12) Is this a U.S. Government Approved Sale?


Yes.  Export Licenses are generally
approved for sales to U.S. allies.


13) Does Formworks provide manuals or instructions?

All of the information pertaining to the maintenance and operation of these kits is contained in
Technical Order (T.O.) 14S1-9-1, which is maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense. This manual can be obtained through the U.S. Government Printing Office. Formworks Plastics is prohibited by law from disseminating this publication.


14) How to pay?

Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC) payable in U.S. Funds.


15) How does buying directly from Formworks Plastics differ from purchasing
through Foreign Military Sales (FMS)?

A customer may realize significant savings by buying directly from Formworks. In essence, the customer is eliminating the “Middle Man”. Securing U.S. Government financial assistance in buying directly, however is somewhat limited. A direct purchaser will realize shorter lead times.


16) Do any of the kits’ components have a shelf life?

Not specifically.
The kits must be inspected on a regular basis for wear items. Fabric items may exhibit ultraviolet (UV) degradation. If properly stored the kit will perform satisfactorily for a minimum of ten years.